Its showtime!

Our once a year performance is on June 21st. It is something quite unique. While we do perform some routines to entertain and to recognize acheivements, that is not our ultimate goal. There are lots of accomplishments that you cannot

Figure 8s

Figure 8 is the sign for infinity. You can think of it as a combination of two circles. Before you click on the video below, can you see the taichi symbol as two warped water drops? Can you see how

Overdoing it

Human has a tendency to overdo things. What can be positive suddenly becomes a negative. The following are just a few examples: A lot of people love gardening in the spring but usually they rush and is sore for a

Too much fun?

Most parents frown when the kids don’t do anything but play video games. Video games can be good in training reflexes as well as strategies. Furthermore, it can also provide a common topic for kids to socialize. However, too much


From the outside looking into the martial arts world, training is about sharpening the tools you need for the purpose of self defence. For example, your fist and palms for punching, your feet and knees for kicking, grabs, locks and